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  Montfort Centre
Montfort Centre is established with the aim of promoting the teachings of St. Louis Marie de Montfort. We provide training in the Montfortian dynamism to those who are associated with St. Montfort.

The Montfortian dynamism is very relevant in today’s context for the building up a Just Society. In the process of building up a Just Society we are committed to facilitating for each person a greater sense of purpose in life and an increased commitment to the least among us.

While the primary purpose of our centre is to be a resource and training centre in the Montfortian dynamism, we open up our facilities for retreats and other training needs. Church groups as well as other civic groups can avail of our facilities for retreat and seminar purposes. We are located at the highest peak within the ground of Boys’ Town. Our tranquil surrounding makes the centre an ideal place for retreat and personal development programmes.

  Vision and Mission
  The Montfort Centre was established in 2003 as a resource and training centre to strengthen, support and develop the Montfortian Dynamism among the collaborators of the BROTHERS of St. Gabriel and all people of goodwill closely associated with the mission of the BROTHERS. We are committed to develop resource materials and to provide training sessions in the Montfortian dynamism to facilitate a greater commitment in life among the staff of our institutions and for all people moved by the Montfortian message for today’s world.